Pasture Raised Pork

Pasture-raised Pork

On Pasture

Our hogs are on pasture and free to roam within a set area. They eat grass and root through out the day.  The have afresh water supply and feed on our locally sourced and milled feed as desired.  These hogs are then processed at a USDA Inspected processor to ensure both quality and safety. 

Whole, Half and Quarter Hog Packages

Whole Hog (140 lbs) $850

Include: Cuts of Choice

1/2 Hog  (70 lbs) $450

 Includes: 4 x Ham Roasts (18lb), 7 x Shoulder Roasts (36lb), 2 Ribs (3lb), 6lbs Pork Chops, 1 Ham (3lb) Hock (Smoked) 7lb Bacon, 15lb Ground Sausage of choice, 8lb Sausage Links of choice.

1/4 Hog (35 lbs) $225

Includes: 2 Ham Roasts (5lb), 3 Shoulder Roasts(8lbs), 1x Rib(1.5), 5lbs Pork Chops, 4lb Bacon, 8lb Ground Sausage of choice, 4lb Sausage Links of choice.